In the field of website promotions, links are not enough. And most of the time, web masters go through the season of waiting, where they just watch and wait for that visitor to come. Sadly this happens most of the time. The sigmoid curve applies to website marketing and promotions as well.

At first, your site goes through the process of building, often the hard and difficult process we go through in marketing: planning, goals-setting, etc. Then it grows, where many visitors flood and traffic your page. But then soon enough, it declines.

This is the reality of most businesses. The S-curve applies to all. So in the area of website marketing and traffic generation explosion, we might want to consider some effective solutions if we want to thrive and dominate the internet marketplace.

Social Bookmaking has been there for long but only a few people really know what it is really about. Similar to bookmaking the favourite pages of your business book or magazine, or bookmaking the last page you’ve just read in your favourite novels, social bookmaking works in the same way too.

Contrary to using the bookmark feature of your web browser, social bookmaking involves not only you, but the many users also in the internet. This is why social bookmaking is considered as one of the best effective ways to promote websites and your brand.

Social Bookmaking has some amazing benefits. One of its benefits is heavy promotion. By joining social bookmaking sites, you get to tag or mark your website for others to see.

And once it is viewed by many, alas, you give the notion that your website is something to be taken seriously, and that your brand is really good. Since you are using the internet and the art of socialization as your primary tools, you are 100% sure that your site will get promoted in the internet.

Although it may take time to grow your marketability through social bookmaking, once it is marked, it is there. This means that once you have made it to the top list of the most book marked sites; you are going to be there for a long time. Your marketability will stay long too. Hard efforts equals to long-term results.

So how does social bookmaking work? Here is a simple way to do it:

1.    First, join a social bookmarking site, and sign up for a new account. The most popular website on social bookmarking is   www.delicious.comYou may also check other popular sites in the internet.

2.    Then once registered, try installing a button on your toolbar. By then you are ready to go. In just a simple click on that website (you may want to click your own here), you already bookmark it for others to see.

The good thing about this technique is that if a friend of yours has a similar interest on your brand or website, he/she may bookmark it also. Then just like the universe, which is constantly extending, your business will continue to expand and grow in marketability and profit. Social bookmarking is really something.


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