"As far as I can tell, success is just about letting the universe know what you want and working toward it, while letting go of how it might come to pass."–Jim Carrey Before he was famous, Jim Carrey told the universe he wanted to be paid $7 million for making one movie. He even wrote out the check and kept it in his wallet.

    • Then he went about his work.
    • He didn't obsess over the goal.
    • He didn't obsess over every single step.
    • He didn't obsess over whether he was ready or qualified or skilled or talented or trained enough to achieve his goal.
    • He just wrote out the goal.

And then he GOT STARTED. He trusted that if he GOT STARTED working toward it...and just let go of how it might come to pass...he would achieve his goal. But most people do the opposite.

    • First, most people don't have any goals.
    • Or if they do goals, they're tiny goals.
    • Or if they have big goals, they don't write them down or tell them to anyone.
    • They don't do any of the things Jim Carrey did.
    • And, to make matters worse, they obsess about all the things Jim Carrey did not obsess about.
    • Am I ready?
    • Am I qualified?
    • Am I making every single move exactly, perfectly right?
    • Am I talented enough?
    • Am I smart enough?

They never learn to "let go of how" and just GET STARTED. Use the Jim Carrey method for success. Declare you big, specific goal. Then get started NOW. Everything else is details. If your goal is to make a good income online, with location freedom, financial freedom, and time freedom, then this business is the best place to GET STARTED.

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