As more people turn to the internet for research, entertainment, and just about everything in between, digital products are increasing in popularity. And, due to the economy, many people are looking to work from home or generate extra income. If you are one of those individuals, you may see the potential in writing and selling e-books. Unfortunately, if you are like many new internet workers, the entire process of writing an e-book may be too much. So, what should you do? Should you suck it up and write an e-book yourself, hire a professional ghostwriter, or buy a private label e-book with resell rights?

Right now, you may be asking yourself what in the world is a PLR e-book. Most individuals are unfamiliar with private label products and rights. The process involves buying an e-book or a number of them for an affordable price. Often times, you pay double or triple the selling price to readers. For example, an extensive e-book that sells for $40 will sell with private label rights for $80 to $120. You, as the buyer, then sell the e-book to interested readers. You can rarely resell the e-book to other resellers unless you are granted master resell rights, which is an entirely different moneymaking opportunity.

Returning to your e-book creation options, there is writing the e-book yourself. When buying e-books, consumers want interesting, easy to read, and useful content. Unless writing on a familiar topic, research is required. This takes time. Add in writing, formatting, and editing and it can easily take you a month or more to create 100-page e-book. Since this is your first time attempting to write one, it could take even longer! Do you have this time? Do you have good grammar or know how to put your thoughts into words? If not, you may have started with a good e-book concept, but ended up with a poorly written and difficult to read e-book. That is not good.

Unless you are comfortable with your writing and willing to devote time to your first e-book, you should move onto the next option. That was hiring a ghostwriter. Ghostwriters are freelance writers who agree not to have their name attached to the work. Essentially, you pay a writer to compose your e-book and your name appears as the author. This sounds great. Proofreading the e-book, making edits, and adding your name as the author will take a couple of days at most. Sounds easy doesn't it? Unfortunately, it can be costly.

Freelance writers rarely work as a hobby; most write for a living. For that reason, you should expect to at least pay minimum wage. Some writers charge $20 or more for one e-book page. This means you could easily pay $2,000 for a 100-page e-book. If you sell your e-book for $19.99, it needs to sell at least 101 copies before you even make a profit. Also, don't forget the time and other expenses to create a sales page and market. Great if you have the money to spend. If not, move on to your final option. That is PLR e-books.

As previously stated, PLR e-books are e-books resell rights. This gives you permission to edit and change the content, make graphic changes, and add your name as the author. PLR e-books are sold to many people. Most quality sellers will limit the number sold, often to 500. The key is to slightly rewrite. Eliminate, add or rearrange a few paragraphs, change around a few sentences and you now have a new e-book. You started out with an e-book that 50 other individuals might have been trying to sell, but you now have a unique version.

As for the price, PLR e-books are cheap because they are sold to many. Remember, the key is to make them unique with rewrites. As mentioned above, they resell for double or triple the price. Say, you paid $80 for a 100-page PLR e-book. You want to make changes, but even if you hire a rewriter for a $2 a page, a common rate among rewrites, your total investment is $280. Compare that to the above mentioned $2,000 for a ghost writer and you got quite a deal! Sell that same e-book for $19.99 and you now only need to sell 15 copies to make a profit.

What is best way to create an e-book to sell? Although it is pretty self-explanatory, the decision is yours to make. If you can write an e-book, do it. If you do not have the time, opt for e-books private label resell rights. They are a relatively quick and easy way to make money online.

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