If you're an internet marketer...or you want to be and you've been researching your options...you may be suffering from a strange "myopia" that often inflicts people in our industry. Pointing and clicking and navigating from email to webpage to Facebook post to Tweet, gives you a warped view of reality. For example, have you noticed how people communicate differently online? It's like they become different people. Otherwise articulate people start posting things like "This is 2 Kewl" and other strange lingo.

It's like they become another person. And they do. In fact, everything on the internet is some kind of distorted view of reality. How many Facebook profiles really give you an accurate impression of that person's life? Not many. They are often highly stylized, meant to give you the most positive impression possible. And so it is with everything online. You're never sure what's real and what's an online ""pose"".

So, every once in a while, you need to bust out of that subjective echo chamber and get out with some real people and have real discussions. And that's what IM Freedom Workshop is all about.

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IM Freedom Workshops go for 2 hours each, and if you show up (doesn't cost you anything) the MTTB team (real, live humans that you can talk to and ask questions) will teach you in person exactly what you need to do to get your online business up and running. I know you may have been to other 'free seminars' before, and probably felt a bit let down when you discovered that most are just sales pitches.

The difference you'll find with the I.M. Freedom Workshop, is that they literally show you everything you need to go home after, implement what they just taught you, and get fast results. And, if you're serious about making money online, they'll answer all your questions and even help you get started right there at the workshop! They'll show you how to find good products to promote (you don't have to create them yourself), and how to use other peoples websites to make co missions. Try to make it. The days and dates are {DAYS AND DATES}

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Since my last email, a lot of the seats have been taken, so grab yours quickly if you don't want to miss out.

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Building an internet business

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