What's the difference between, say, a fast-food restaurant and a fine dining restaurant? Why will somebody pay $100+ a plate when they could get similar food for $20? You may think it's the food, and you'd be partially right. But more than anything, it's about this.


You go into most fast-food places and it's not the cleanest. The clientele in there is, well, we'll just say, not ELITE. They're in there for a quick meal, that's it. And, the food and how it's packaged and delivered is sub par. Compare that to a 5 star restaurant. There, as you roll in, a valet is there to take and park your car for you.

You walk in the door, they check your reservation (status) and then escort you to your seats. The place is CLEAN. Dang nice!! And every meal that's brought out is an experience all in itself. The appetizers, the salad, the main course dinner prepared to delight every sense, the dessert to die for, and the fine drinks to wash it all down.

It's all incredible. You're in heaven. And yes, the food needs to be great. But really, people go to these places again, for THE EXPERIENCE. So here's my question to you... Are you providing THE EXPERIENCE in your business? Or, are you just feeding people? Are you Taco Bell? Or, Per Say? What's Per Say, you say? It's a "fine" Restaurant in NYC.

And a night on the town there will set you back around $310 a plate. (On a budget? Don't worry. Their lunch is only around $210 a plate!) Here's the thing. There is BIG MONEY to be made in providing experiences for people. And people WANT experiences. There is too much mundane, average stuff in peoples lives. Why fill it with more? Profit big by giving people what they want. And this system can help you do exactly that:

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Don't worry, people don't have to have huge pocket books to make this system work. Like a 5 course meal, this is a 5-tier profit model. You'll learn all about this in the first couple of steps. Then you'll be well on your way to reaping the rewards of being an agent of value. An experience provider. And this will result in the opportunity for you to start earning $1,000-$9,000 commissions and higher.

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Let me know if I can help out. I'm at your service! (Just don't ask me to park your car. I can be your profit valet though!)

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