If you want to offer your services as a business coach, there many areas of business that you need to familiarize yourself with. After all, if you don't know the keys to running a successful business, how can you teach others? As previously stated, there are many areas of running a business that new and struggling business owners need assistance with.

One of those areas is business communication. Business owners need to learn to properly communicate with employees and clients. Employees need to learn how to communicate with their bosses, coworkers, and clients. It goes on and on. Proper communication is key to running a successful and profitable business.

So, what will you, as a business coach, need to teach your clients?

The best way to communicate. Technology has given us many ways to communicate with friends, family, coworkers, clients, and employees. Just a sample of the options available includes letters, faxes, emails, text messages, and phone calls. Which option is best? It depends on the type of business. Other than emergencies, all professionals should avoid text messages. Instead, they should pickup the phone, send a fax, or write a well-composed email.

Communication etiquette. This is important for both communication with coworkers and clients. Some inexperienced workers and business owners do not fully understand the importance of politeness and etiquette. You need to show them. For example, it is okay to use abbreviations in personal emails, like BRB or LOL, but never with business communications. In emails, all writers should identify themselves by name and position and address all recipients the same. It is the polite and professional thing to do.

Tips for improving writing skills. Unfortunately, all of our writing skills have suffered. The internet, instant messaging programs, and text messages make it particularly hard to write by hand and legibly. Your job as a business coach is to stress the importance of proper writing. Highlight the importance of proper spelling, grammar, proofreading, and good sentence structure.

The importance of clear communication. In business, straightforward directions and little rambling is best. You client's customers don't want to know about the day they are having or what the weather is like; they want to know if you can help them. A good approach is to find former letters and emails and dissect them. Show, by example, if it is good or bad and what changes can be made.

Giving both bad and good news. Business owners, rarely deliver only good news. For example, a retail store may have processed an order for a client, only to later learn that item is out of stock. They must then contact that customer to inform them that their order cannot be filled. Some just say "your order cannot be filled." Stress the importance of keeping that customer happy. In this situation, a formal apology, notification of when the item becomes available, and a small discount is best.

The importance of listening. Business owners and their employees should never make a client repeat him or herself. The same is true for other in-office communication. Coworkers and bosses should only need to ask someone to do a task once. Stress the importance of taking notes. There is less risk of errors and no having to ask someone to explain themselves again.

Non-verbal communication. A lot of business focus is placed on the word we speak or type, but communication can be non-verbal too. This includes body language, appearance, and actions. When meeting with a client, conservative apparel sends the proper message. Soft, but confident tones are best. As for body language, this is difficult. Some send signals without even realizing it. Stress the importance of monitoring your body language and learning to control impulsive actions.

These are just a few of the communication areas you will want to focus on as a business coach. Regardless of who are you working with, whether it be a business owner, paid employees, or both, all business can benefit and profit from good and proper communication.

Best wishes.



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