What type of emotions do you get when you hear the words: Buy now, me, take, you're missing out!, gimme your money, limited offer, selfish, fake... Contrast that with the feelings you get when you hear the  words: give, serve, value, sacrifice, care, honesty, trust... 

Probably two very different emotions right?

Which side of the fence do you think most marketers are on?

The hypey side right? The side where it's all about "me, me,
me". Which method do you think is more effective?

Yep, you guessed it right. It's the side that most aren't on. The side where it's all about others. Helping, caring, showing your peeps the way to success. Ironically enough, when you're on this side, the profitable side, it's not a "method" at all. It's just what you do because it's what's right. It's just the way you do things, creating value...

Which side can you be on? All it takes is a decision to do what's right. What are some different ways you can add value to your prospects besides just trying to be aware and to live the

principles above?

Consider your offer...

For one, if it's your product you're selling, make it great. What's your prospects most pressing problems, what are their needs, and even more importantly, what are their Wants?

Give them that.

Don't give them knowledge. Give them transformation. Knowledge is everywhere. Helping someone live their dreams and change their life is Rare. Be a person of value that can help and support others to get what they want and you'll never lack for money.

Now if it's another persons product you're promoting, which many of us are since affiliate marketing is so powerful, what can you do then? Well you want to have 100% confidence in that offer, that it's got great support and delivers on whatever it promises. But then it even goes further... HOW you promote the offer now comes into play. And that's where most get all hypey and focused just on getting the dollar, when it should be the other way around.

Don't be that way.

Now... You can have an Offer, OR... you can have an Irresistible Offer. Which one do you think sells like hotcakes, and the other does, oh, just okay? You can make any offer Irresistible by the bonuses you offer to your members. Once again, don't offer a bonus just for the sake of it. It's not the act, it's WHAT you offer.

Nobody cares about 99.5% of the PLR out there... Nobody wants 2 GB of information... And nobody wants a bunch of ebooks full of rehashed generic crap... Make em' irresistible. It takes some thought, it takes a little work, but hey, this is business. Most won't do any of this. That's why you'll stand out from the crowd and raise to the top. Learn to look through the eyes of your customer rather than that of the seller...Again, it'll take a little work and thought, albeit fun work usually. Do this though, and your profits will increase a minimum of 10 fold. You'll start to build real trust and a name in the marketplace. And you'll become a top earner.

I hope this info helps, and if you want to continue to work more closely with myself, check out the company I most actively work with: You'll find an amazing offer and opportunity as you watch the presentation, and you'll get access to a few really great bonuses if you stick through to the end.



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