There are a lot of different SEO techniques floating around today. Some require more of a time commitment while others require a bit of a financial investment. What they all have in common is the need for top notch keyword research. If you skip this one vital element of search engine optimization, you will never get the search engine attention you deserve and you will struggle to bring members of your targeted market to your site.

 It doesn't matter whether you operate a website or a blog or if you are selling products online or just create information sites to collect Adsense earnings. If you need to bring traffic to your site and want to be listed highly on search engine results pages, you have to learn how to perform efficient keyword research. This is the starting point no matter which SEO techniques you employ.

Here are some basic keyword research tools that should apply no matter what SEO techniques you choose to work with:

Your keywords must be tightly related to the subject of your website. You have to connect your keywords to the search terms members of your target audience are using to search for information online.

The keywords with the most searches each month are of course the most attractive, but they also come with the most competition from established websites and blogs. You may do better to dominate less competitive keywords that are still related to your website than to compete with the others.

On-site SEO is just as important as off-site SEO. Off-site efforts drive visitors to your site but it is the on-site SEO that talks to the search engines so they know what you have to offer.

Get creative with keyword research. Work with keywords that are highly focused to different areas of your subject matter. The more specific you get the more you can attract members of your targeted market.

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