The term "squeeze page" is one that is getting bandied about more and more in the internet marketing world. The problem is that if you are new to making money online and building lists, you may be wondering if these pages are the ultimate tool or a gimmicky waste of time. Different marketers have different opinions regarding squeeze pages and how to get the most out of them, and like most things there is a lot of poor information on them out there. But by learning about the basics of squeeze pages you will be better able to get going in the right direction.

 Squeeze Pages Make Business Easier

While not everyone agrees on the best tricks to use on your squeeze page, anyone who is making a living online will tell you that squeeze pages make list building much easier than it would be otherwise.

If you don't have a list you will either fail at running a successful business or you will work much harder than you have to. Everyone who has a business should have a list. Likewise, if you don't have a squeeze page you will either fail at building a responsive list or you will doom yourself to constantly chasing email addresses in order to have anything but the tiniest list.

Squeeze Pages Are Not the End

A common misconception that many new marketers and business owners have is that if you have a product and a squeeze page, you're set. Squeeze pages have so much emphasis placed on them that some people get confused into thinking that they are the main part of an online business.

While these pages are great tools that will assist in building your list and making you money, they certainly aren't the only aspect of your business, and you also shouldn't consider them to be the most important part. In fact, your product, graphics, squeeze page layout, and autoresponder messages all need to be treated as equally important since you won't make good money if any of these aspects is lacking.

So yes, you should get a good squeeze page to help build your list and grow your business, but don't get so focused on it that you neglect the other aspects of making money online.

Choosing and Designing Your Squeeze Pages

There are dozens of ways you can set a squeeze page up, and infinite graphics that you can choose to put on them. This can make it difficult for beginners to know how they should go about putting their page together. Unfortunately you can't just copy someone else page and assume that it will work for you either.

The real trick with squeeze pages is borrowing ideas from pages that you like and that you know are successful, and then being ready to change things later. Sometimes changing colors, graphics, your copy, the free offer that gets people to give their info, and the layout of the page can affect the number of people that are signing up onto your list. Changing things occasionally can help you know what works best for you and your particular products.

So try to start off with a squeeze page that imitates ones that have proven themselves, and then start thinking about what you might change if you aren't getting the opt-ins that you are hoping for.

Patience is Required

Also remember that making money online takes time, even if you set up great tools. People have to find you and decide to sign up. This isn't going to happen overnight no matter what - but by having a great squeeze page you will hopefully make it happen a little faster. Get a squeeze page, set it up, and then drive traffic to it. Sooner or later you are going to start building a list that you can sell to.

Building An Internet Business

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Building an internet business

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