You can come off to a fantastic start in terms of SEO by optimizing the content in all of the pages of your site. This can actually take a while depending on how your site is. You may need to create a sitemap which bots like along with a cleaner structure where the headers and subheaders clearly show and have the necessary keywords. Optimizing the content and sprinkling keywords is one of the more important SEO techniques to get down.

 But once you are confident with your site's optimization, don't stop there. Take your knowledge of SEO techniques outside your site so your website has even more exposure. Don't forget that having lots of inbound links is important for your site to successfully take in SEO traffic. If you do not know where or how to get started, just visit these good offsite areas for executing your SEO techniques.

Article Directories

If you want the quickest possible start, article directories should be your first stop. There are so many article directories in the net and the most popular ones are extremely easy to find. Just type "articles" in Google and visit the sites that you see on the first page. Submitting an article is not very difficult as long as you read the rules. If your site has a that is filled with interesting content, you should be able to copy the content and paste it as an article submission for a particular site. Then, you can add a link after the article so readers to visit your website.

If the article is already optimized, search engines should be able to index the article very quickly especially if the article directory has a high page ranking. Even if links are not allowed in articles, you can always create an account and edit your profile where you can add the site you want to advertise as your homepage just in case people decide to view your profile just because your article is well-written.

Video Sharing Sites

SEO techniques all about good use of words. Video sharing sounds like it has nothing to do with words but do not forget that video sharing sites not only allow you to upload videos but also allow you to tag and describe them. Use your SEO techniques to make optimized descriptions. Just pretend you are posting an ad in an advertisement directory because that kind of text should be enough to fit in a video description. When adding tags, simply put the keyword phrases that you frequently use for your onsite optimization.

Having a blog is great for making your site optimized and easy to update but that still counts as onsite optimization. However, there are so many other blogs where you can add content to. Just because you do not have admin access to the blog doesn't mean that it isn't impossible to add optimized content or an inbound link to the blog. Many blogs allow others to comment which can serve as a nice entry point for unleashing your SEO techniques.

Blogs are not as flexible as article directories since some bloggers may just delete your post for spamming but if make quality posts that will appeal both the blogger and his or her readers, your post should stand and the search engine should index it.

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