Many professional Internet marketers, webmasters, and SEO specialists will tell you that you should consider learning SEO when you have the chance so you can make your website thrive later on before others sites in your niche do. That is definitely true and it will be true for a while because still get the most Internet traffic worldwide and they are still widely used in discovering new websites.


But if you are still in the process of building a website, getting too concerned with learning SEO may throw you off course. A more efficient strategy would be to build a website and its content with SEO in mind and then start learning SEO afterwards when your site is up and running. In fact, you can apply plenty of SEO tricks even if you do not know anything about SEO. Here are some good SEO starter tips that your website can benefit from.

Aim for Unique Content

The whole purpose of having content in your site is for your target visitors to read and get hooked with. Good site designs will always give a first impression and will encourage the visitors to see what you have to offer. If the content isn't much different than most of the websites, your site will lose the potential in getting more traffic.

The cool thing about aiming for unique content is the possibility of optimizing your site without you realizing it. No learning SEO required in this case since the focus is more on coming up with strong words that will make the site much different than the rest. Even if your nicely written content isn't very optimized for the search engines, you can always edit it later after you spent some time learning SEO.

Optimize your Site Code

Search engines can also see the way your site has been structured and that can affect your page rankings. If you have little experience in that, the least you can do is try to have headers which contain words that can be potential search phrases. This is scratching the surface of the use of keywords and it will help you once you finally start learning SEO. It also helps to stick to modern design approaches such as the heavy use of CSS when making a site layout. If you still have trouble in accomplishing this and you do not have a design to work with, try to find webpage or templates that have already been optimized for SEO. Many professionally made templates are easy to edit and optimized so all you need to do is populate the template with your unique content.

Try Tools and Software

Even if you are not fully committed to learning SEO, you can always try out some SEO tools that are usually made with the newbie in mind. Simple tools like keyword density calculators can give you a quick overview on how optimized your page really is. If you want to start exploring, you can also try a keyword tool that gives you even more statistics about your site content.

If you manage to pull some of these tricks off, you will actually find it a bit easier in learning SEO. Once you have a better idea on SEO, you can then do more site optimizations that will make your website a lot stronger.

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Building an internet business

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