Learn how to become an E-commerce Entrepreneur. Start Your Own Online Store Get ready for success! $296.7 Billion!Yes that is the total estimated volume of Online Retail Sales in 2014.


What does that mean? Simply this – if you are not already in the E-commerce business, you should be very soon. And how do you do that – by starting your own online store. Who can be an E-commerce Entrepreneur? Actually anybody. Even you. You do not have to be a technical nerd nor one of those Internet whiz kids to be successful in E-commerce. Anybody can run an online store, even in their spare time. Right from the comfort of their homes. And the best part – if you know the trick of sourcing products properly, you do not even have to buy stock before the sale is made. In fact you sell and then you buy. No need for huge investments or even deep pockets.

How can this happen? t is actually very simple. The first thing, You have to do is decide what you are going to sell. And then you identify a supplier of those products and set up a drop ship relationship with him. This means that when a customer comes to your online store and places an order, the order is automatically placed with your supplier. He then ships the product to your customer. Your supplier gets more business. And you make the left over profit. Let's understand this with the help of an example.

The customer places an order in your website for a product worth $50. The product cost and drop ship fee comes to $26. So you make a neat profit of $24! You did not buy the product. You did not store it in a warehouse (paying storage rentals). And when the customer placed the order, you did not even pack it and ship it out. Actually you did not even see or touch the product in question! Sounds too good to be true? Well, it isn't. By using technology, you provided a great service to both the customer and the supplier.

The customer got what she or he wanted while the supplier got more business. And the technology part is the easiest you can imagine. You can actually create a whole new website by yourself, this very weekend! Easy to set-up, easy to use An online store can be created using WordPress – which is the world's most popular content management platform. And the best part – WordPress is FREE! All you need is a bit of knowledge and skill to create the online store. And then use it to your optimum advantage.

This is exactly what we offer in this WordPress Online Store Training Program. Note: The Online Store you are going to build will be Search Engine Friendly and extremely Easy to Use. Assets worth Millions! Many entrepreneurs who, after having set up a successful E-commerce Online Store, decided to sell it off to the highest bidder (for really high bids, we might add). Which means that with a successful E-commerce site, not only can you make a lot of money now but far more money in the future! Think of an Online Store just like a brick and mortar store. An Asset, that you can capitalize on in the future.

But why sell the golden goose? However once your business becomes successful, there is actually no need to sell it off. You can continue making a hefty profit from it with a minimal amount of work. Some E-commerce sites which are extremely successful take about 6 to 8 hours of work, every week! And what's more, once you have started making a reasonable income, you can actually hire someone to do this work. Then all you will need to do is sit back and rake in the profits. Now the question is – do you have the skills to do all this? Actually yes. Since you have been able to come to this site and read it, you already have the necessary skills to set up an E-commerce business.


This course has been designed for an absolute layman. And what does it do? In just 10 tutorial videos it teaches you everything you need to set up a successful online store. Let's explore what each of these tutorial videos will teach you:

Tutorial Video 1: Lay the FoundationThe stronger the foundation, the better you will learn. This video helps you understand exactly how an E-commerce site works.

Tutorial Video 2: Getting the Perfect Niche. Niche determines specifically what you are going to sell. This is the crucial step of choosing your product sub category, market and of course customer set. E-Businesses which have been able to choose the right niche are the ones which are successful.

Tutorial Video 3: Sourcing and Supply Chain. We have already covered as to how crucial the right supplier is going to be for your business. It is your supplier who is going to provide you your products and ship them to your customers. This tutorial video will teach you how to select the right drop ship suppliers. And how to set up your agreements and working arrangements with them.

Tutorial Video 4: Installing WordPress. WordPress is going to be the foundation on which your Online Store will be based. This video will teach you how to set up WordPress

Tutorial Video 5: Configuring WordPress to your Advantage. Once you have installed WordPress, you will have to configure it according to your specifications. This tutorial video will teach you exactly that.

Tutorial Video 6: Installing the amazing plugin - WooCommerce. WooCommerce is an E-commerce plugin. What it does is transform your WordPress into an Online Store. This video will Learn you how to do this.

Tutorial Video 7: In this video you will learn how to Configuring WooCommerce to your exact specifications. To use WooCommerce properly, you need to configure it perfectly. This will make your E-commerce site more efficient.

Tutorial Video 8: Get the products into your store. This video will teach you how, in just a few steps, you can add your products into your store. Also learn how to sort your products according to categories – crucial to the success of any E-commerce site.

Tutorial Video 9: The best strategies to getting customers to visit your website.The only way you will make your online store work is to get lots of visitors to your website. In this video we will teach you the best ways to get customer into your store.

Tutorial Video 10: Day to Day Operations. How to process orders, how to run your business day to day.

So how much will all this cost? Well let us first put this in perspective. Suppose your E-commerce website makes you $1,000 a month. That's $12,000 of extra income every year. Now imagine – if you do it right, you could be selling your Online Store in a few years for close to $300,000! So how much are we going to charge for this course? Not $300,000, of course. Not even $12,000 – what you could be making in a year. Not even $1,000! We are going to charge you the princely sum of $47! That's $47 to learn how to be successful. Advantage Video Now you may be asking – why a video course? Well, it is because it is far easier to learn through video. Video makes it easier to grasp a concept.

You see the action happening in front of your eyes. Video Courses are becoming more and more popular. So, get ready for success, today! You can choose to take this course a year from now. But do you know how much earnings you will lose out in the next year? And in the meantime, others will be moving into your chosen niche. Establishing their E-Businesses which will make it more difficult for you to compete against them. But if you decide to purchase the e-commerce video training you will also get a free bonus Search Engine Optimization (SEO) video course.

Even with the latest marketing trends like mobile marketing, social media, retargeting, video marketing banner traffic, solo ads, and many more Search Engine Optimization (SEO) remains an effective way of getting your website visible as it were. SEO techniques when applied appropriately ensure you a high ranking in the search engine results. Keying in a keyword(s) directs an appreciable traffic to your website with SEO. For more information on this course Click Here.



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